Sira Plans

I am.

I am superficial.

I am a superficial lady.

I am superficial because I learn through touch.

I understand though touch. I touch surfaces. I touch with my hands, my eyes, my mind, my words. I touch objects, people and screens. Surfaces. I believe we are all very superficial. I also believe we can redefine the word superficial and detach it from the negative connotation its been given throughout the last decades.

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Sira Plans

A holy land: a glimpse through its windows 


This land is extreme. Extremly intense. That’s probably the first idea that crossed my mind when I got here. I lived in Jerusalem for over half a year, and everyday something unexpected would happen. The air you breath is filled with feelings and noises, smells that mix but do not match or match but do not mix It’s a place made out of contradictions and interrelated stories.


In a day one can wander the streets of the old and hustle city where muslims, jews, christians and many more occupy the narrow paths between the most ancient stones, catch a bus to cross checkpoints between villages through settlements, listen to the void of the desert and merge with the bohemian-fancy telavivian nightlife. All of this, can happen in just twenty-four hours. This strong diversity keeps the territory alive but it also supresses whatever can not keep up with this standard.


Without noticing, after some months of wandering, I started taking pictures of windows. I captured everyday(s) through small openings, holes in a wall, framed like scenes from a play, realities simultaneously existing. I remained hidden, behind other windows or from a wise distance. Sometimes, I would shoot right after something had happened, I would wait until the silence, the pause, the moment when apparently nothing is happening.