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Mika Rottenberg: Down the Rabbit Hole or Through the Looking Glass?

In her improvised architectures frequently revolving around a video installation, the Israeli artist Mika Rottenberg explores the absurdities of modern production processes. Using found items and objects, she creates surreal scenographies that compel visitors to more closely examine mechanisms of global distribution from an absurdly voyeuristic perspective.

"The notion of fragmentation is very relevant today. Our bodies are broken down: your fingers do something; your eyes do something else, while your mind is somewhere else. You almost have a hundred arms, doing all these things in different places. Everything can be packaged and commodified. That’s hyper capitalism. You can rent out your smile; sell your voice or one of your kidneys. I think this fragmentation is about where our bodies end, and the consequences of our actions. Our bodies are being extended because of technology and hyper-economy."

Learn more about the artist by purchasing the volume dedicated to her at our bookshop and read the full interview between Mika Rottenberg and Daria de Beauvais here !