Katharina Höppel

Katharina is an Austrian Multimedia Artist. She creates scenery, moving images, narratives and situations. Prints and Paintings are often a product of bigger narratives built around cultures and local customs. Her work is site-specific, strongly relating to social and geographic environments. It is inspired by a diversity of cultures, performative practices & people of the world.


She has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Information Design and a short period working as a graphic designer in advertising was followed by years of travels and independent work as an artist, author and film-production. Her second degree is a Master of Arts in performative Urbanism from the Department of space- & design strategies at Kunstuniversität Linz, with excourses at the Department of Urban Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

Additional classes in acting, improvisation, vocal training and dance led to some projects in collaboration with the brand beyourstory and an exchange for young entrepreneurs with theaterlab New York. Katharina’s current practice explores performative techniques and practices, combined with storytelling in multimedia-formats.

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Katharina Höppel Art