For tea, vodka, love potions or Perrier.

We don't care as long as you drink it with style.

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Learn how to be a

superficial lady with 

Sira Plans.


Hermès orange was taken, we're going full warning orange in 2022.


A winter story by Margot Humbert x Bazar Bacchus


We curate books for you so you can keep the creepy algorithm busy with other boring stuff people buy online.

We have a thing for rare, almost extinct or out of print books. Your'e not gonna find them at other's coffee tables.

We don't own a space travel agency.

We like ethereal concept, but live in a material world. You get a great book, we get your money - so we can keep showing you beautiful books.

Fnac is boring, amazon sucks, Bazar Bacchus rocks.

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Merger of the matter, birth of spirit: a masterful science fiction saga that celebrates the infinite legend of the French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All good things come to an end, but not chez Bazar Bacchus. 

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