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Célia Boulesteix

Célia Boulesteix (1996, Limoges) lives and works in Paris. She studied at Ecole Duperré in Paris and did a residency at the Mobilier National. She is mostly inspired by her direct experience with day-to-day life, matter and its expressivity.


Daily paying attention to details, textures and decaying objects, she builds sculptures by assembling fragments of «nothing» : photographs she accumulates, declination of imprints and manipulations of different recovered materials that she founds, mostly in the street. Through transfer and displacement games, she uses old garments as a matrix to paint and sculpt the matter that she always chooses raw. Thus, the color and texture obtained always emerge from the elements the pieces have been in contact with, as to preserve their strange aura.

As empty shells charged with a half-life, her pieces, identified or not, oscillate between past and present. And as a «memento mori», this floating and rippling patterns remind us that everything dies.

  • Instagram - Negro Círculo
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