Berta Vallribera

I try to bring literature closer to the visual arts. I always work with the word combined with various forms of creation, such as painting, photography and especially volume: my intention is to fuse or to incorporate the text at the applied arts and sculpture. I work the text as the matter of literature and I would like to preserve that. I believe that literature must also preserve us, make us grow and encourage.Volume, as a subject of sculpture, is an inseparable element of many of the projects. I value technique as the basis of any work - technical development allows conceptual development.


Applied arts are a fundamental resource that gradually shapes the way I work: I believe in working with my hands. The figure of the craftsman represents the ability, the dialogue with the matter, the confrontation with the problems, the rhythm of learning, the capacity of social relation, the development of the ideas and the solutions and represents, above all, the ‘effort and the tenacity. So with my hands I try to connect those two almost extremes forms of art: the intangible word and the palpable, material sculpture.

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