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About us

Bazar Bacchus is an ongoing project that started during the pandemic explosion of 2020 as a way of getting together and help each other (creatives) generating a safe space for sharing our productions, fears and joys. 

It has evolved as an online gallery/showroom that presents and sells unique objects or small batches of products directly from its creators. BB has become a platform for emerging young talents from Europe who want to get an additional revenue stream without the perks of managing their own website, shipping and returns or even publicity. 

In BB we believe in community and we believe in people. In people or in what people do. While we were at it, we started setting up another part of the website with a selection of rare and beautiful art books from aclaimed artists, most of them already dead. That’s why we carefully curate each aspect of the brand staying faithful to this motto: “Young artists to feed, dead artists to read”.

Based between Brussels and Barcelona Bazar Bacchus emerges with the desire to bring you closer to the art, goods and art books we love. 


We are always looking for bright ideas and new adventures, for inquiries and submissions contact us: 

Our packaging is 100% plastic free:

Only recyclable paper, cardboard, paper tape, cornstarch packing chips and wood.

New projects coming soon!

Sustainability plan