Bazar Bacchus is an art gallery representing emerging artists and young creatives from all over Europe.  


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We have a penchant for rare, almost extinct or out of print art books.

Our catalogue of Beaux Livres about modern and contemporary art is a must-see for printed beauty seekers and amateurs of minutely curated and edited volumes.


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Bazar Bacchus

Have a look at our collection of art to live with: an essential catalogue for hedonists, bon vivants, sybarites and beauty seekers. Smell, drink, touch and admire

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Our dose of printed beauty: @violamagazine Nº 2 — EL CUERPO is now available at our website for national and international shipping. Learn more about this new independent and self-edited project focused on emerging artists.


Katharina is an Austrian Multimedia Artist. She creates scenery, moving images, narratives and situations. Prints and Paintings are often a product of bigger narratives built around cultures and local customs. 

Sira Plans is a Superficial Lady learning, understanding and creating through touch. She also believes you are superficial.

Daily paying attention to details, textures and decaying objects, Célia Boulesteix builds sculptures by assembling fragments of «nothing» : photographs she accumulates, declination of imprints and manipulations of different recovered materials that she founds, mostly in the street. 





Günther Uecker stands out as one of the decisive figures in the post-war international contemporary art scene. From the beginning, his works have focused on the most serious issues facing the world: the experiences of war, the problem of humans coming under threat from other humans, the search for our roots, the difficulties of using language as a means of expression, the investigation into the role of faith, ritual and prayer in our lives, problems to do with the consumer society and the human destruction of nature, facing up to the consequences of catastrophes, the dilemma of mortality and leaving an impression on the world, and the irreconcilable contradiction between cyclicality and the linear progression of time.


There are few artists who have been so consistent as Günther Uecker in creating works that reflect on the constant changes taking place in the world around us.


In every period of his artistic career he has observed the world shrewdly, but has never been content merely to play the role of spectator: instead of contemplation, he prefers a model of action.

Wurm's works occupy a special place in contemporary art. Since the late 1980s he